The Best Agile Project Management Tools To Use In 2023 & Beyond

There’s no one standard agile project management tool that works for every organization. Each tool has its own pros and cons and will work differently for the company depending on the end customer’s needs, company goals, project goals, and the people who are using the software. We hope our list has helped you get an idea of the various agile project management tools out there. Up next is Forecast, an agile project management tool that is built on a sophisticated AI engine.

Agile project management tools

Click in to get all the details, including related source code and pull requests, priority, comments, attachments and more. Understand the work completed or pushed back to the backlog in each sprint. This helps you determine if your team is overcommitting or if there is excessive scope creep.

Pivotal Tracker

Sprint permissions allow you to better delegate permissions and responsibilities to team members, allowing the entire team to be more autonomous and agile. Sprint Planning Sprint Demo Daily Standup Retrospective A team planning What is Jira meeting that determines what to complete in the coming sprint. A sharing meeting where the team shows what they’ve shipped in that sprint. Also known as a stand-up, a 15-minute mini-meeting for the software team to sync.

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  • Using this application, you can assign tasks to your team members, set status, due dates, notify task owners and visualize progress with the help of Gantt charts.
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  • Jira Software helps your team get a quick snapshot of the work in progress, so you can come prepared to discuss the most critical items for the day.

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Risk Management

It provides a shared view of team priorities, enabling you to direct your focus toward the most important tasks immediately. Its Tracker calculates your team’s performance depending on their previous work and lets you schedule future tasks more accurately. Another popular software for agile project management, Asana is loaded with tons of features to help your agile teams reach the finish line faster.

Full visibility in Jira across the whole organization enables you to make better management judgment. This helps you monitor whether the version will release on time, so you can take action if work is falling behind. Stay on target to meet your goals with insights right in the board view.

Best Agile Project Management Tools for 2022

ProjectManager has a multitude of options for widespread teams that make it a comprehensive tool for your company. Here’s a break down of our agile features and what agile methodology they support. An agile tracking tool offers a single dashboard that allows you to monitor project execution from start to finish.

Without a resource tracking system, monitoring each team member’s utilization and productivity can be challenging. Needs more integrations to leverage additional features for managing agile projects. Project managers and team members can easily plan and track tasks in a collaborative workspace.

How to Choose the Best Agile Project Management Software

The tool is flexible and versatile, allowing you to embrace change and deliver projects as expected. This gives you a better perspective on setting future project timelines. You can either organize your project by Gantt charts, Kanban board, table, or calendar. The software offers a range of customization options to make you feel like sitting at your workplace while working remotely. It is loaded with features, it is user-friendly, and it is suitable for SMEs and large firms as well. The same reason they are in business in the first place; produce better products to earn more.

Agile project management tools

The embedded messaging system and process management—through rules, forms, templates, and approvals—help users at all levels to update others on their progress. The number of companies is increasing at almost the same pace as the number of cutting-edge agile project management tools. This Agile project management software brings end-to-end visibility into projects and equips you with the tools to make data-driven decisions.

This approach is flexible, self-improving, easy-to-use, and highly beneficial for modern teams. Integrations with multiple digital tools such as Power BI, Microsoft Teams, Tableau, Google Data Studio, Google Drive, Github, Zapier, etc. SAP’s reporting and analytics capabilities enable organizations to gain valuable insights and data-driven decision-making ability.

Agile project management tools

Moreover, Jira supports a simple backlog management system and bug-tracking software and integrates with various developer tools. The agile methodology involves dividing or breaking down a whole task or project into multiple smaller tasks and attaching them with incremental work phases known as sprints. The primary goal behind this is to get rapid and early delivery, regular reassessment, continuous improvement, and flexibility to make changes. I’m confident that you’ll find a project management tool to meet your requirement from the options listed above. Agile is the right approach when it comes to project management because of the numerous benefits it offers. It helps teams manage their work efficiently while delivering the best results within budget constraints.

Key Features of Agile Project Management Tools

Not only do the dashboards offer clarity and intuition, but they also empower teams to promptly address risks and ensure timely project completion. It is worth noting that these customizable dashboards enable stakeholders to personalize their views based on the project and data that are most pertinent to their specific roles. Allows for improved efficiency and productivity by automating key processes. For example, it enables a seamless transition from one development stage to another, with clear milestones and deliverables. It also allows for the automatic creation and assignment of tasks based on user stories, prioritization, and resource availability.

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